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An Open-Source project Aim to build a CMS to Solve any problem related to Data Analysis


First CMS on Data Analysis

Open-Source project Built with help of Python to do any task related to Data Analysis.

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Can do great things together

if you see DatScan Alone it is nothing but it gets really powerfull when combined with it with its diffrent Modules Built by diffrent Developers around the Globe.

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DatScan is just a basic Python program that has the capbilties to do plenty of task just with the help of its powerfull Module library.


Web Scrapping

Scrape the various Websites and get content from them.


Text Pre-Processing

Just Seprate the usefull data after pre processing huge lump of data.


Sentimental Analysis

Perform Sentimental Analysis on the Data and get exact sentiments from the dataset.



Modules not avilable yet but comming soon.


Image Processing

Modules not avilable yet but comming soon.


Plot Graphs & charts

Modules not avilable yet but comming soon.

Who can use it ...

From individuals, start-ups to big corprate houses it can be used by anyone for doing their task related to Data Analysis..

Curious ! how DatScan Achives
diffrent task ?

DatScan can't achive everything alone so it works with the help of its large libray of Modules. To know more just give it a Try.

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Just contact us if you wanna Sponsor or create a module for DatScan.

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